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Re: Users posts to activity stream



yes, correct assessment, but there is a potential solution, if i am right. first about BP: the default theme used to be “widget” ready or friendly, meaning that you can decide what goes in there from the Widget Admin area. This latest version brings essentially major changes in the codes that organize user behavior, but not so easy on the theme side. In fact, there aren’t any themes, may be 2 or 3, that are BP1.2.2.1 compliant and easy to just deploy. However, the Buddypress creators and developers say that you have to create what they call a child theme and then make whatever changes you want from there, probably including making the first “Activity” page as your landing page. Now, one very smart developer released this base theme, If you have bandwidth, time and some technical capabilities, I would recommend having a look.

Now WordPress(MU) may allow u to pick your activity page as the landing page. In your WP Admin section, scroll down to the Settings area (left column). You see “Reading”. In it, it will let you choose “Front Page Display.” You may try to select “Static Page” and open the drop down menu for Front Page and select the Activity Stream page. Then save. By doing, I suspect, since I did not try it, the Activity Stream page (Facebook-like section) will be what your visitors will see when they hit your website.

One think you may want to consider. The Activity Page puts any acvity across your site on that page. If you have a lot of people, that could be overwhelming. There is, however, one plugin u should find on this site called: BuddyPress Friends Only Activity Stream. It essentially should show only activity from the memeber’s friends. Again, I did not try it, but I plan so.

Good luck


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