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Re: using friends_check_friendship



no I am doing this call from within the wp_query class function get_post. if I add wp(); I get server error, from I guess an infinite loop.

I realize there has to be something missing from the bp, I just don’t know what that is, I’ve included everything I can think of, and I’ve added global $bp.

In all honesty there is no reason this shouldn’t work but it’s not so there has to be something I am missing and when I find it I am sure it will be something that is so obvious, which makes this all the more painful.

Just for more info, the function exists in bp-friends.php in the mu-plugins root. it makes the call to the function BP_Friends_Frienship::check_is_friend… now this class and function exists in the bp-friends-classes.php within the bp-friends folder. I also have an include to this. I tried including ALL the files that are included in bp-friends.php, even though that seems redundant.

I don’t know what to do next, I think I am going to just create my own friend check function to query the db at this point.

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