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Re: using friends_check_friendship

Burt Adsit


Well, I can’t look at the same code you are running because I’m running RC-1 and the latest trunk. The global var $bp is not an array any more it’s an object now. Take a look at bp-core.php and the <component>_setup_globals() functions to get to know the new layout of this object. It’s got all the same things but we reference them differently now.

It’s not a very good idea to be modifying the wpmu core code for any reason. That being said, I see where you are calling the fn from now. I still don’t know the context in which you are calling this function. This is within a theme you are building?

I’m marking this a ‘not a support question’ because this really has nothing to do with bp support.

Where are you calling this modified wp_query member function? In a theme? I gotta have some idea of the context. The wp_query obj doesn’t have a context all by itself. It can be called from anywhere.

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