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Re: using friends_check_friendship



I guess I should start at the beginning.

A) I’ve made LOTS of core mods, I have no plans of upgrading, as I am heavily customizing this and removing as many features as I will be adding.

This particular thing comes from me adding 2 check boxes where you post a blog entry now the user has a choice of “keep private” “friends only” and “logged in members only” so when checking friends, or loggedin I set the post_status to friend, or loggedin respectively. This allows me when any theme calls “THE LOOP” as it were I can look at the post_status and decided if the user matches the credentials.

As for now what I have working is if user is logged in the loggedin only posts show with all of the standard published posts no problem. if the user is the owner then everything shows, but if the user is a friend the friend check is failing and there-by not showing the friend only posts.

The place I have injected this is in query.php file. I think I’m going to look through this quite a bit more today on my own… I’ll post the result in case others are trying to use this function from outside the bp-core.

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