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Re: Using virtual multiblog

Michael C


Thanks for the information. This references a .htaccess file. I am running windows on IIS. This seems to refer to an apache type install. I am not that bright, so I may have this all wrong.

I tried installing on a clean non-VMB install and had the same issue. It appears to be more of a windows/iis issue. I was able to get the menu links working by following some advice on other threads (I will post if someone else wants, but don’t have them handy — essentially working with 404.php and some snippets of code in bpcore.php and another one). I did not have success with the VMB — but I am going to give this another try.

However, now I am challenged with an internal install of BBPress. When submitting a new topic, it goes back to a blank entry page.

I think all of this is due to incompatibility with windows/iis. I have a lot going on with this server, so I can’t switch it. Any suggestions on working in this environment?

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