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Re: Using widgets in custum themes [HOW-TO] ?

Jeff Sayre


So i need to do away with the 3 column layout…Can someone give an small example of how to use widgets like online members,wire etc explicitly without using it as widgets

You are really asking for specific help on creating a custom, 2-column home theme that is hardcoded for outputting specific data without using widgets.

If you do not have previous theming experience, this is not something that can be shown to you with a “small example” or in a simple way.

You need to learn about WordPress theming. BuddyPress themes, after all, are just another type of WordPress theme. Here are some links to help you get started:

  1. Designing and Laying Out Your Theme
  2. Instead of hardcoding the output, you may want to design your theme to use the exisiting widgets. You can control some of the widget output with your own custom CSS. Widgetizing Themes
  3. Finally, to help you with CSS styling your custom theme, you should be using FireFox with the Firebug Add-on.

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