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Re: Validating a url from xprofile field



After searching Google for hours I found your post, and was happy at least someone had the same issue.
Have you found a solution?
–> I found the same file and I have exactly the same issue –> and even though I added a text on my registration page right after that profile field to please add the http:// , many users still just type in www
–> hence their website link becomes a mixture of my mainblog and their address and their link doesn’t work, due to the this part I guess
in the “else” where the Members Slug is added. (I was thinking of just removing it, but I’m not sure)

I am not a developer and on my journey I found a solution in order to get rid of all profile links which didn’t make sense either but the issue with the website still remains. Maybe you found a solution and you can share it? I’d be really thankful.

Here is what I found in order to get rid of the profile links, thanks to Jeff Sayre:
1) add a file named bp-custom.php just to your plugins folder
2 ) with the content that I can’t insert here unfortunately but from the first post of Jeff Sayre on this link:

That did it for me!

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