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Re: Video Page?



… hmm, yeah, the dev section probably isn’t the place for this… we were out of coffee…


Basically, I just need a hint or two to get going in the right direction. There’s got to be a way to display videos uploaded to member blogs on a buddypress site’s page, yeah?

Basically, I need a way to display all the videos posted across my BP/WPMU install. So when user X and user Y post videos (and so on) they all show up (say 10 or 20 a page, or thumbnails, formatting is the easy bit) on a page of the main site. We could make a youtube channel I suppose, but we’d never get the academics on the site to use youtube, it just doesn’t have that old-stuffy-academic feel [sigh]…

Update: Something like this: except instead of drawing videos from youtube, using the videos my users upload.

Again, I’m a pretty solid server guy, and a bit of a code hacker, but writing this from scratch… well, not sure. I’m going to keep plugging away, but any help from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Update2: Ok, beginning to feel a bit silly, but yeah… Found this plugin: which might be a better solution. If newly created blogs all have a “Shared Videos” category for teachers to post lecture video to, they can exclude videos of cats doing funny things… now the only question is how to strip away all the text and so on they might post with it, so only the video comes up…


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