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Re: Viral functions (search or browse?)



I get how the buddpress homepage is coming along with groups, recent posts, etc… It’s very nice! Do you know when approximatley you’ll have a search? In addition, do you happen to know what the intentions are for virally spreading a buddypress websites existence?

Take for instance; supposedly they had something like 60,000 sign-ups in a couple of weeks??? I have a site thats up and some people join every once in a while, however it seems like something is missing. Some sort of linkage, maybe a giant flaw in my business model?

Do you think a twitter type plugin will help? Or do you have something in mind that you are working on, or some type of advise? Much appreciated for your time…

Plus, I would like to take the time to formally thank you, all contributors and automattic for creating what I believe will help my website tremendously. Thanks again for your time.

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