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Re: Weird BBPress forum issue

Burt Adsit


OK. Trying to sort out the issues here. :) We got what I think we should try and solve first and that may make the rest of the issues go away.

Users in wp can’t login to bbpress. If you have user integration configured correctly then that can’t happen. When wp and bbpress share the same user table, which is what user integration is, then bbpress’s users ARE wp users. Same user table and passwords.

Do you have wp/bbpress user integration?

It’s possible to create a standalone wp and standalone bbpress. Create the utility user for group forums on both sides and be able create forums through bp group forums. Never thought of it before but you can. Without user integration it would explain the symptoms you are experiencing.

Take two asprins, install bbpress with wp user integration and call me in the morning.

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