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Re: Weird BBPress forum issue




I do have all the users listed in bbPress. In fact from the admin panel in bbPRess, if I delete a user, they disappear from WPMU. I kinda thought that if I was to delete the troubled user in bbPress that maybe the account would be recreated and all would be well. It actualy deleted them from WPMU – Thank God for SnapShots on the VM. When I say one troubled user, I mean the one who reported the issue. I tried other accounts and had the same issues with writing forum posts.

Should I just delete the bbPress install and try it again? Then I could just have the groups recreate the forums? We are just getting started, so it should not be an issue.

POssibly the reason for the users not being able to login to bbPress is because the passwords for the accounts are actually stored in LDAP where the authentication occurs on the WPMU side? There is a password in the WPMU database, but I think it may just be a generic type that is not used and generated by the plugin. Could this be the issue and if so, how might I work through it?

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