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Re: Welcome plugin bug @djpaul

I’m still lost. I also don’t really have time to look at this until the weekend sometime. Could you help me again please?

Yep, I go to the main blog via Users menu (not site admin>users) and…

Could you give me a sample link (feel free to cut your domain off the beginning), i.e. I’m being a noob and can’t see it :(

...EXCEPT the email with username & randomly generated password that should replace that activation email shown above. (I'm thinking this is a wordpress email? Not sure.)

Correct. Welcome Pack doesn’t (or shouldn’t) touch the activation email, which is why this issue is so weird-sounding.

You ARE aware since BP 1.1, if a new user registers via, they are able to pick their password and as such it isn’t emailed to them? (Though they still get a confirmation/account activation email)

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