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Re: What are these tables?

Trent & Mikepratt

I am running a website with more than 3 million users and the profile and other SQL extensive pages result always comes within 0.0002 seconds.

3 million users and their profile info and other things, including pictures, albums, friends, groups are divided into 10 tables only. Site is online for about 6 years and running on only one dedicated server. You can assume the hits on the site like this. The whole database is optimized by me and all the queries are written by me. I know if this site was made on buddypress on any other open source, we would have needed atleast 500 servers to control the traffic. is world’s top dating website and having only 6 servers and only One database server, while and others have few thousands servers (with lesser hits than The truth is that plentyoffish is being run by one guy and he knows how to make database and tables.

I am not here to criticism anyone, I told what I felt.

I don’t know if i need to make 1 million database in future to control my 3 million users.



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