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Re: What are you doing for Spam



I had an idea of another way to combat the constant comment spam and registrations from bots, though I don\’t know if it would work.

As the bots don\’t read the page like humans do, they just search for and find the forums to fill in, brings up an interesting idea.

What about using \’hidden\’ fields that are not displayed on the screen itself.

The idea being that if data is input into the field it could not possibly be a human, so we then know to \’not activate\’ or error out the comment/registration etc…

The ‘auto spam bot programs’ that I have come across all look for specific fields etc. We could do something like name the hidden field ‘password’ etc, so the bot thinks it’s legit, but it’s not.

Does anyone know if the bots are \’smart enough\’ to figure this out and get around it?

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