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Re: what do i have to do in order to install bp on a subdomain?

John James Jacoby


We didn’t ignore your threads, they were caught in Akismet and marked as spam.

@anointed, can you try adding that line into “wp-plugins/bp-custom.php” ?

It should work in wp-config.php or any other file that loads before BuddyPress does. The goal obviously is not to modify a file that’s replaced by core updates, so wp-config.php or bp-custom.php is safer than bp-core.php.

The code…

/* Define on which blog ID BuddyPress should run */
if ( !defined( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG' ) )
define( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 1 );

Checks to see if BP_ROOT_BLOG was defined by any other file previous to BuddyPress loading, which is done inside the “plugins_loaded” hook which is in wp-settings.php, which is loaded after wp-config.php.

PM me again if your topics are marked as spam, and I can open them back up.

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