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Re: What is the correct way to alter the admin-bar.css



As mentioned above the solution is working for me. I also figured out a way to remove the original admin-bar.css out of the header. I’m not at work at the moment, so i can’t look it up and write it down here, but i will do so tomorrow!

One problem remains for me. In the admin-bar.css and also in my-admin-bar.css there is a padding-top width the height of the buddybar applied to the body of the page.

If i don’t use my-admin-bar.css and check the “hide adminbar for users that aren’t logged in” in the settings of the dashboard the padding-top isn’t applied to the body. However if i use my-admin-bar.css it gets loaded all the time and not only if a user is logged in. This implies that i always have an extra gap, because the padding si applied all the time!?

Any hints for this problem?

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