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Re: What necessary changes should be made to BP themes for BP 1.2.6

You had it almost correct earlier a little more testing and playing around and you would have got there.

add back in the outer ‘if’ parent to check first whether the user is logged in so that is as I have shown before:

Then follow with the other ‘if’ as done before but make sure you have the ‘==’

so the conditional query says if the user is not logged in then run second ‘if’ and check to see id the constant BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR has been set OR $bp->doing_admin_bar == false is set if either of these two conditions are met then run the following style tag

The !is_user_logged_in() should probably be run on the add_action rather than within the function to prevent a pointless function being parsed but that would need testing.

You shouldn’t need the

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