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Re: What necessary changes should be made to BP themes for BP 1.2.6

Tammie Lister


@AnindyaRay: Hmmm you got a link for your site? My thoughts are maybe a javascript error (try in firebug to see that) or something like error in files (did you copy over the adminbar.css and also both javascript files (ajax.php / js)? I certainly don’t get any issues with the default or my themes that don’t use custom admin bars – perhaps the custom admin bar code. Worst case maybe you could remove that feature (hate to suggest that but if it’s causing issues).

@pcwriter: General rule is last supported version is latest with BuddyPress / WordPress or at least that’s the way I work with themes myself. Can’t really speak for others. I myself choose that route as there are generally security and other reasons for upgrades.

@Roger: I get the frustration but to be truthful I’m a theme designer and I don’t have these issues as said before I go with latest version support and I think you will find most do. This is of course a point of debate and maybe not the place for this said debate as a personal choice / company choice depending on your working situation. This happens with every release it gets better and more gets added… WordPress has same problem if you think of what happened around 3.0 for instance.

I do think it’s perhaps a point of note to those of us in themes to get more involved and this is one point I myself have in the past few months realised. We can complain about things and claim them wrong but until we get involved can we be surprised over something getting changed. It’s a project we all can get involved in and perhaps this all should be a call to action rather than a soap box moment which I know myself I’m feeling. BuddyPress themes will I think truly benefit from those of us that work with them getting involved where we can. Please take this in the good nature it’s meant as I’ve also had this realisation.

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