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Re: What you don't like about BuddyPress



The 1.2 release of BP has gone all wrong :( My users aren’t Twitter users or technophiles of any description – BP is now too complicated for me to get my head round, and I’m supposed to be the one running the site based on it, so I can hardly expect my users to be able to understand.

The profile wire – why, why did you take it away? 1.1.x was fantastic, now I am beating my head against the keyboard trying to work out how to bring it back after I updated to 1.2 just so I could install a gallery plugin.

The wire (once I’d renamed it to ‘wall’ so my users would understand what it was) was about the only thing that my members really used for public exchange. I installed BP to replace an outdated site platform that I’d built from scratch years ago, thinking that it would take the hard work out of maintaining the site… oops, I was wrong :)

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