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Re: What's in a name?..



Thanks for the input guys!


You’re right, it is very ‘bubbly’ at the time we were followig the whims of the powers that be, who associated anything to do with games with the Wii. It worked to getting some funding, but in the end, hurt our cause.

I like the tools idea, I’ve got the build a new 1.1 theme anyway, might as well change the emphasis to something a little more appropriate :) good tips thank you.


Yeah… that’s what we ended up doing. It was a long story, and the powers that be weren’t happy, but in the end, it was the only option they left us.

Now I’m setting up a new install of 1.1 on our new domain. Hopefully a name change, and as John said, a shifting of emphasis, will keep up afloat.

Thanks for the tips guys!

~ Aaron

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