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Re: What's in a name?..

John James Jacoby


It’s going to be hard to be video game centric and dodge the word “game” in your URL and name. I’ll be honest, when I first saw “GSN” I thought “Game Show Network” which might be a conflict also?

If you’re stuck with the URL and absolutely cannot rename the site, then I would just press on with GSN and hope for the best. However, my first impression of the website is that it isn’t as professional and educational looking as it is fun and bubbly. My $.02 and I mean no disrespect. :)

Backstory: For college, I pursued a degree in multimedia and video game design, mostly because there wasn’t a “social networking” major in any school I could find at the time. Anything close had too much to do with public relations and brand marketing. I have no plans on doing anything with video games myself unless it involves working on their web team :xboxlive:cough:cough: :) /Backstory

Maybe shifting the focus away from the users and more towards the tools they use (hardware/software/documents) that are essential to people in the specific fields of interest in the industry would help your site out? It’s one thing to network with people, but being able to collaborate and gain knowledge and skills from them is what’s important, in my opinion.

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