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Re: Whats the difference in group discussion between versions?



Yeah – I’m back… meh……

Has anyone installed bbpress 1.0 from scratch and got group discussions to work? After another 20 or 30 installs, I’ve decided that there’s gotta be something in alpha 6 that buddypress is looking for. Something that bbpress 1 doesn’t have. I say this because I can get all of this stuff to work together but ONLY if I upgrade from alpha 6. I don’t dare try the RC versions.

When doing the upgrade, the database is updated & gives the following info

Beginning upgrade…
>>> Modifying database: monday3 (localhost)
>>>>>> Table: bb_term_taxonomy
>>>>>>>>> Adding index: taxonomy
>>>>>>>>>>>> Done
Making plugin directory at C:\wamp\www\monday3\forums/my-plugins/: bb_upgrade_1110
Making theme directory at C:\wamp\www\monday3\forums/my-templates/: bb_upgrade_1120

Is it something in that update that does it or is there a specific file that’s left over from alpha 6 that has data that buddypress needs? It seems like if I delete the forum files & then upload the new version’s files, it still doesn’t work. But if I just rename the bb-config file & do an overwrite, the upgrade works fine.

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