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Re: when creating private/hidden group – forum should be hidden too but it's visible



yes, I’ve got this plugin (bpGroups), it works fine but it has this one bug and I don’t know how to fix this damn thing.

Basicaly, when you are creating a new group there is a checkbox to create a forum on bb site too. Below are 3 group options: public, private, hidden.

Now, the script creates forum (default is public), then it changes settings for a group (private or hidden), and it should do this at a first place so it could inherit proper group settings when creating a forum. Do you know what I mean? I just want to swap the order somewhere inside the code to make it working. It should first update group settings, then create a forum. That way it would work properly.

I googled about this etc, looks like nobody’s aware of this bug cos I couldn’t find any answers and nobody even point this anywhere.

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