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Re: Where is the code that processes input from the BP registration form?



arezki, there is a Users to CSV plugin. Not sure if it also exports data from Buddypress’ xprofile table, but perhaps you could expand it.

Getting data from the database is relatively simple. You could just write your own SQL queries as well, if you can figure out how and where the data is stored, which is not at all straightforward in the wp-wpmu-bp patchwork.

My original question was about something else; how does data move from registration form to the database?

I’m trying to identify what bit of code “picks up” the input from the ‘* Name’ field, id/name = “field_1”. Is it this function?:

function xprofile_extract_signup_meta( $user_id, $meta ) {
// Extract signup meta fields to fill out profile
$field_ids = $meta['xprofile_field_ids'];
$field_ids = explode( ',', $field_ids );

// Loop through each bit of profile data and save it to profile.
for ( $i = 0; $i < count($field_ids); $i++ ) {
if ( empty( $field_ids[$i] ) ) continue;

$field_value = $meta["field_{$field_ids[$i]}"];

$field = new BP_XProfile_ProfileData();
$field->user_id = $user_id;
$field->value = $field_value;
$field->field_id = $field_ids[$i];
$field->last_updated = time();


update_usermeta( $user_id, 'last_activity', time() );

For a plugin I need SOMETHING HERE = $fullname. The SOMETHING HERE should be the input value for field_1 from the registration form.

I get lost in the php in the array stuff. Please help if anyone can give any more clues!

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