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Re: Which is best to use with BuddyPress: WordPress or WordPressMU

Andrea Rennick


“Q1: Should we use WordPress or WordPressMU with BuddyPress?”

WPMU is now rolled in to single WP and called a Network of multiple sites, sometimes called multisite. You only need to enable it if you want multiple blogs(sites).

“Q2: Since we plan to launch “multiple social network websites” using BuddyPress, which one is better for our situation and why?”

If you have one install with multiple blogs, right now you can only install one instance of BuddyPress. It will show up on all the member sites, but share all the userbase.

“Q3: Will all sites be linked together if we use WordPressMU with buddyPress?”

I think I just answered this. Yes.

“Q4: Will using WordPressMU makes it easy to manage all sites?”

It’s one codebase, so yes.

“Q5: Will using WordPressMU allow us to de-link individual sites later and transfer to other people on different hosts or will it be a problem if we use MU?”

THe individual sites you can just use the Export menu to get all the posts.

The buddypress parts can’t be exported that way.

“Q6: What else should we consider when making the decision between WordPress and WordPressMU to use with BuddyPress for multiple sites?”

If you need multiple sites or not and if you want the userbase separate, and how likely you’ll need the buddypress parts moved to a different site.

“Q7: Will it be better just to use WPMU or WP with BuddyPress only for “one” site per account?”

Again, it depends on what you ultimately want. The network of sites are individual on one codebase. Buddypress affects the whole network.

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