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Re: Which is best to use with BuddyPress: WordPress or WordPressMU



By running Buddypress on what is now called wordpress Multisite will I be able to link all members together. Another words…I want to have a social community that is broken into states and was thinking of having a site for each state so groups and blogs would better organized and such. What I want is all members to still communicate across state lines (or site to site in this case). Is this possible with a multi site setup? Or my other option is that I use one site setup and find a way to catergories groups (into states in this case) Example…Users clicks on groups and shows a list of the states… that user then click on the state they want to enter and then it shows all relevant groups within that state. I looked for a plugin, but none that are working full strength at this time unless I am overlooking something. Anyone have any ideas on how to handle this? thanks for you help in advance.

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