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Re: White page after upgrade from bpress 1.03 to bpress 1.1rc

You are not following the upgrade instructions properly. There’s a document linked on the news post on the front of this site to an in-depth article, but:

1) Deactivate all of your plugins, but not BuddyPress (yet).

2) Remove any plugins out of your mu-plugins folder.

3) Change your theme back to the standard WordPress theme.

4) (Now) deactivate the BuddyPress plugin.

5) Delete BuddyPress off your server and the /wp-content/bp-themes/ directory.

6) Upload 1.1 and move the new themes into /wp-content/themes/.

7) Reactivate the BuddyPress plugin. Reactivate the BuddyPress theme.

8) Reactivate any other plugins you took out in step 1.

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