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Re: White Pages whenever Hitting Submit



Thanks Jeff for the first breakdown, you’re a real help here!

I’m running WPMU 2.8.1 in the root as a directory install. BuddyPress is the last stable version.

I was also thinking it might have something to do with the nonce functions. What can cause something like that? It’ll be a coding error from my side, however I’m not sure where to look.

I modified the skeleton member theme to work with my WordPress theme design. I have not modified any of the core, just added custom functions to the skeleton theme.

– I switched back to the original BP theme, it seems to work correctly there. Where do I have to start looking then?

– Another question, if I started to work with the trac files to modifiy the new theme structure from the scratch, do I have to fear more changes until the launch of 1.1 (just to the theme files?)

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