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Re: Who Owns BuddyDev ?

Glenn Kilpatrick


I spent all day yesterday installing this theme and making it look nice on the home page, I then browsed around to find that inside the theme there is a lack of functionality such as no activity streams in group, poor css making pages look messy, no new topic buttons in the forums. Then you start to look for assistance and its hard to get, then you find the theme author offers a premium version of the theme and a membership group with ongoing subscriptions. If I had known this before I started I wouldnt have bothered.

Is it just me or are others finding it a little annoying that buddypress seems to be not in the keeping of the wordpress ethos of free software for all. Everyone seems to want to make money from it, which is fair enough at the right price, but monthly subscriptions have you by the balls.

Is there anyone out there who makes a nice free theme or a premium theme with upgrades at one off fee or an acceptable yearly fee ?

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