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Re: Who wants a media plugin for BP



Hi Enlightenmental1,

The functionalities/features of the Photo Album plugin so far are:-

* Create unlimited number of albums

* Inserted unlimited number of photos into each album

* Album Cover Selector

* User comments per album and per photo

* Owner of the album/photo can moderate all comments

* Users can alter their own comments in the album/photo

* Automatic image resizing and optimisation

* Permalinks to albums and photos

My plan (which can change) is as follows (in no particular order):-

* Twitter Integration

* JavaScript Thumbnail Cropping

* Create an AJAX driven interface – but only when the main extras of the plugin are complete (easier this way and for SEO reasons)

* Website Administrator Settings – number of albums, photos users can have, and/or user upload limits.

* Handle other media like videos.

I generally don\\\’t like to release a unfinished product until it\\\’s stable enough in my own opinion, otherwise it\\\’s too hard to administrate feedback and ideas when I know some little parts are broken here and there.

However, if anyone would like to get a glance at the plugin first, drop me an email though my website ( or directly here on BP.

In the future:

I will be happy for other developers to make improvements or the general public to submit ideas, however every line of code will be moderated and thoroughly checked. The licence of the plugin will be GPL sometime soon.


I have in the past tried to do things for free, however when you have a home loan to pay and a family to look after, doing work for free isn\\\’t as easy. Especially when I have an endless number of projects lined up that will pay me.

The plugin I\\\’ve created so far, already has a sponsor but only a small one. I\\\’m working on this plugin 3 hours a week, and both the sponsor and I would like to see more. I\\\’m not asking anyone to fork out hundreds of $\\\’s (would be nice and I would only ever be so kind) but it would be great to get a few dollars here and there.

For anyone\\\’s interest for my credibility, these are some of the projects I\\\’ve worked on and currently working on.

Free Projects (see I did do some free work :P)

* Particls –

* Peepel – (25% of my development time was paid for)

Paid Projects

* WOMF – – In Particular v3 (

* Fitnice – Gym / Club Membership Management and Billing Software – converting to Adobe AIR and iPhone shortly.

There are more projects but some of them are private and cannot be discussed.

Any further queries, let me know.

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