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Re: Who wants a media plugin for BP



I have the KalturaCE – self hosted on my server. slicehosted

Looks great and the plugin looks good for wpmu / buddypress so far, just no video showing.

Strange thing is that the videos etc. all show in the KMC – kaltura mgmt. console.

With the connect to kaltura hosted version requires each contributor to have a partner id – or they would , if using my id, be able to edit my vids as well.

I think that I with self hosted I can make kaltura setup with a unique id per user and not require users to get a kaltura id etc.

or I go red5.

I have some experience already with red5, all that would be needed is integration into wpmu / bp.

btw – kaltura is lowwwww on documentation , and since I am not paying support …… yet.

And the forums are new still.

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