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Re: Will BuddyPress work with Multi-Site Manager Plugin



I got a reply from Ron over at

If you’re interested in our discussion, head on over to:

A summary of what Ron wrote:

1- BP is enabled on a WPMU site basis so when running multiple site, BP can be enabled on one site and not another.

2- The same applies to site options/settings like registration.

3- BP does not filter a user’s blog list on the member profile by WPMU site. So, if you had 5 sites and a user had a blog in 4 of them then all 4 blogs would be listed.

One way you could accomplish the multisite setup where BP is on the main site and blogs on the additional sites is

Enable BP only on the main site.

On the main site set registration to users only.

On the additional sites set registration to only users can create blogs.

Create an info page on the main site that provides links to each of the other sites’ signup page.

This is a little bit involved and I’m a little pressed for time; I would at some point like to tackle this… but then I’d have to worry about redirecting /copying over blogs and permalinks on the existing WPMU setup… (sigh).

@Jeff and Jason – Thanks for the info.

Donncha’s Domain Mapping plugin wouldn’t work in my situation because I’ve setup WPMU with subdirectories and not subdomains.

Re: the Multi-site plugin on WPMUDev. That one is different than the one that Ron has developed. So I’m not sure if XMLRPC will work with Ron’s version… a good question to ask him!

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