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Re: Will BuddyPress work with Multi-Site Manager Plugin and

– to enable registration of blogs on both domain i moved back to wp-signup.php due to redirection issues (in fact register works only on first domain – same with blogs, members. groups)

– buddypress part is only avaiable on domain – do you have any idea to show it on both domains? if yes – what about different language on each domain?

– i\’m not sure if that is really what i want to do – but does anybody have an idea how to separate buddypress part for each domain? in fact that would mean that only users are same across all domains.

– there was a problem with logging to second domain through adminbar (it always uses first domain) – my solution was to do:

remove_action( \’bp_adminbar_menus\’, \’bp_adminbar_login_menu\’, 2 );

add_action( \’bp_adminbar_menus\’, \’my_bp_adminbar_login_menu\’, 2 );

where my_… is function with proper url

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