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Re: Will BuddyPress work with Multi-Site Manager Plugin



(I believe what I’m about to write is relatable to the topic at hand; if not, feel free to close the thread!)

I’m just starting to grasp the whole concept of multi-sites.

From what I’ve read, it’s exactly what I want to do.

But I need some clarification.

Here’s my setup, I have WPMU+BuddyPress installed in the root:

hxxp:// (blog_id #1 should be shown here, including all its posts, categories and pages)

I want all subsequent blogs to be created from


So that new blogs will have a subdirectory under that subdomain.

eg. hxxp://

Single sign-on should work across the root and subdomain.

From those that have responded to me on the WPMU forums, this should be possible with the multi-site plugin.

Now for the BuddyPress questions!

Okay, so let’s say I login to BuddyPress (which is installed in the root instance of MU) and I want to create a new blog from “My Account > Create a blog”, would BuddyPress be creating this new blog under the new Site instance (eg. the subdomain Site – This is what I would want to do. I’m guessing this would require some core hacking.

Also, if I go to hxxp://, would this show blogs from the subdomain?

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear some feedback!

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