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Re: Wire 1.2



@Andy But from a usability point of view this is very confusing. Some activity streams do allow you to post into them and some don’t. One method of posting into a user activity stream is allowed (replies) but another (leaving a direct comment) isn’t. From a developer point of view this might feel logical due to the underlying structure, but from a user point of view it’s very confusing. A user is forced to jump through all sorts of hoops just to be able to interact with a friend.

I don’t think it would be confusing for the user at all to allow their friends to post into their activity stream. They are, after all, already able to do this by replying to an activity. Allowing users to directly post into their friends activity stream would merely add consistency to the user interaction. It’s precisely how Facebook works and they seem to get along just fine.

On the other hand, the fact that in order to see a comment on your own profile you have to browse to someone else’s profile does feel very confusing, because it all of a sudden injects twitter style functionality into a specific subset of the buddypress user interaction which otherwise is more consistent with how the majority of other social networking sites work.

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