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Re: Wire 1.2



@Modemlooper I have to say that’s a very inconvenient method of posting on someone’s activity stream though. It forces you to browse away from the user profile to be able to post a message into their activity stream. The average user will most likely just think it’s not possible to leave a comment.

A second, more important issue is that this method is inconsistent with the group-, site- and your own user page activity streams because those, contrary to the user page activity stream of a friend, do allow users to post message directly into them. The current implementation takes some elements from twitter and some from regular social network sites and applies them inconsistently. All in all this makes for a very confusing user experience.

I think a lot of these issues would be alleviated if the activity stream on the user page of a friend would have a text area near the top, consistent with those found on the site-, group- and your own user page activity streams. Messages posted through this method would automatically be preceded with an @ mention. This would apply the same user interaction method to all activity streams and yield a much more consistent user experience.

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