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Re: Wire is gone?!

I don’t think I found anything disabled by default. The ‘what’s New’ textarea window allows me to post updates to ‘My Profile’ or groups and when submitted it does appear in the general activity stream, logging in as a different user I can then directly reply to the comment left from within the general activity stream. I did have to kick things into life a bit though.

Overall the methodology of the new activity stream does feel a lot better and I am getting used to it, however it has been a fair bit of work working it into an existing layout, buts that’s another issue that I touched upon briefly as a footnote to my earlier post – I’m still of the opinion that upgrading to 1.2 but attempting to maintain backwards compatibility is not straightforward due to inherent changes to markup and class tokens which throws up a bit of confusion, and am finding that major features implemented such as ‘Events’ plugin are not compatible which cause one to have to think carefully about upgrading a live site where this sort of feature is in regular use.

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