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Re: Wire is still broken in groups after wire_patch_too.patch

Hi Burt Adsit, I don’t know what to do next, I’m very confused now, because I checked everything 3 times. After I did the wire_patch_three.patch on a fresh installation, all wires were shown up and I’m allowed to write posts everywhere.

Just deleting wire posts makes problems in groups.

3) Group wire on the group home page

4) Group wire in Group > Wire

You wrote you don’t have this bug, but for me the error happened on 2 different installations. Do you have any suggestions why it happens?

And there is one more error, I think it could be a bug too.

After wire_patch_three.patch: If somebody invites a member to a group and the member accept the invitation, the notification in the adminbar still shows up the group invitation.

If you click again on it, it says that you have no outstanding group invites.

Sorry for my English. I know it must be sometimes difficult to read my postings. Thanks a lot for all the help. You are all brilliant.

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