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Re: Wire not Posting “Wire message could not be posted. Please try again.”



All fixed thanks to andy…

DONT use Patch… follow the convo below…

Westy: hey andy… i am working through this patch but it has change and the corespinding bits of code are not on the lines stated on the patch… i assume as i svn uped today it may have changed…

[22:26] apeatling: hey – let me check hold on

[22:28] apeatling: I’ve integrated that fix, but not exactly as in the patch

[22:28] apeatling: I think I wrote on that ticket

[22:29] apeatling: so if you svn up’d today you should already have the fix

[22:31] Westy: ok well yes i have svn up’ed today at about 14:00 GMT but it still seems to be not working is there anything in particular you have to do … to activate it or run that script… i have check teh DB and it is still missing the wire tables.. ??

[22:33] apeatling: you will need to increment the DB numbers

[22:33] apeatling: DB_VERSION

[22:33] apeatling: at the top of bp-groups and bp-xprofile

[22:33] apeatling: then log in as a site admin

[22:33] apeatling: and they should regenerate

[22:34] Westy: how do i do this… you will need to increment the DB numbers

[22:37] Westy: for bp-groups.php it is this on line 16 >> define ( ‘BP_GROUPS_DB_VERSION’, ‘951’ );

[22:38] Westy: what is “incriment” and what do i change it too?

[22:40] Westy: this is what it is on bp-xprofile.php line 16 >> define ( ‘BP_XPROFILE_DB_VERSION’, ‘948’ );

[22:40] apeatling: just add 1 to the numbers

[22:40] apeatling: 952 and 949

[22:41] Westy: ha… that easy…. ok ill change them… then login as admin… and see if it works… ill be right back

[22:44] Westy: AMAZING…. thank you so much it is working…

[22:47] apeatling: np

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