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Re: Wire Posts in bp 1.2



This is quite a confusing implementation, and I think the usability could (and should, before it’s released), be hugely improved.

After looking at the current way posting a public message on a users profile works, here’s some suggestions of how I think it could be improved:

* User clicks ‘Send Public Message’, and a textarea with ‘@username’ pre added is inserted into the top of the current profiles’ activity stream – signifying to the user, this is where the message will end up

* The comment is typed, and when completed it is posted via Ajax, we could simply post it and refresh their activity stream

* The users status is NOT updated, instead an activity item in their stream shows the message they sent (or a short quote), with the ability to comment on it.

We simply need to focus on what the user is trying to achieve, and make that as simple and intuitive as possible. Facebook does this very well.

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