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Re: Wire Posts in bp 1.2

I can understand the confusion with usernames and display names. This will be addressed, but not at the expense of not having this for 1.2.

I think there is still a lot of confusion around this, and where exactly messages end up when they are posted. I’ll try and clear it up.

Your activity stream displays your activity, everything you have done on the site. When I post a message, this is my activity, regardless of who it is aimed at. This is why @messages that you send display on your activity stream. You posted it, it’s your activity. The stream is not a wall, or status update history.

When you post an @message, the user you have mentioned will get an email notification of your activity with a link to take a look at it. They will come to your profile and read the message.

The user can reply to the message right there and then on your profile. You can have a complete discussion without having to @message each other or keep switching back and forth between profiles. Each time a reply is posted, this is activity for that particular user, which means any replies posted will appear on that user’s activity stream with a link back to the original thread.

It’s quite simple really, but you have to stop thinking about it in terms of how Facebook and Twitter work. It’s an activity stream with direct comments, not a wall or status update stream. Why would someone else’s activity display on your activity stream?

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