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Re: Wire Posts in bp 1.2

John James Jacoby



I think you bring up some good points about how @’ing someone, where it appears, and how you’re told someone @’ed you can start to be a run around. It’s possible that it could start to be a lot of back and forth, and if you’re not familiar with the concept of what it means or how it works, then there could be more of a learning curve than just typing in a box and hitting send.

Personally, I think sending a public message to someone and having it also updating your current status could be confusing, especially since writing a new blog post, or commenting on an activity stream item don’t update your current status. And if your new status contains an @reply, the link under your username in your profile gets stripped. Twitter has also partly trained me now that clicking on someones @name doesn’t bring me to their profile, it just sets up a reply to that person right away. I also think @replies should work in activity stream comments, instead of just the status update.

The username thing is hard to get around. The problem comes from peoples display names being editable and dynamic. You could, if you were really concerned about the display of things, filter the output of the activity stream item and use a little PHP creativity to replace the username with the display name. I’ve done this already to get rid of the · on a client site, because their activity stream links are setup differently and the ·s don’t make sense where they are.

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