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Re: WordCamp NY BP get together – Who's In?


Third time trying to post. Trying the logout/login work-around posted by Andy. Guess cookies?

I am new to this forum and to MU/BP but not to wordpress. I am flying into NYC from Fort Lauderdale on my way to Calgary, and so even though I am on a tight schedule, I would love to meetup with MU/BP developers as my next several ventures are set to explore using MU/BP extensively, developing multiple themes and plugins.

I arrive at LGA at 8:45 so I will be rolling in late, but if my cameras arrive on time I would be happy to document 1 or more sessions (as requested on this thread). Has anyone volunteered for this yet? If so/not, lets co-ordinate priorities for recording, and who is willing and able.

Lastly, since I am arriving the day-of, I will have my luggage with me. Does anyone know if the venue has a place for me to keep a few bags until the end of the first day?

Really looking forward to meeting all these bright minds working towards solutions on common problems.

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