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Re: WordPress 3.0 + BuddyPress and Activity Stream as Front Page (possible fix?)

@r-a-y Thanks r-a-y that does indeed fix things, albeit in a hackish manner :)

I understand what you’ve done with it, and it occurred to me that there may well be an issue with many who are using bp-default and choosing or at least attempting to choose activity stream as front page, they will not be running a child theme?

I had a play around with the bp-default functions file and specifically the function: ‘bp_dtheme_page_on_front_template’ controlling this aspect, keeping your workaround in mind I simply adjusted the add_filter from:

add_filter( ‘page_template’, ‘bp_dtheme_page_on_front_template’ );


add_filter( ‘404_template’, ‘bp_dtheme_page_on_front_template’ );

This appears to work correctly on one of my clean installs WP 3.0 BP bp-default

Although this is adjusting core file, in the interim/short term until the correct solution is found would this not serve those that I mentioned above and when that correct solution found the hack would simply be overwritten in a point upgrade?

This isn’t a hugely tested solution, it works on the surface on one of my various installs, but there may well be issues I have missed, it’s suggested more as food for thought.

Lastly I can imagine that there are going to be many rushing into upgrading (that ‘upgrade now’ button is like the red ‘Do NOT Press’ button; too much of a temptation :) ) Although the upgrade is not problematical the few manual steps required might well cause some people issues and the fix discussed here be required so as such it might be worth a sticky post pulling the steps together along with any other fixes one might require, that people can be pointed to?

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