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Re: WordPress 3.0 + Buddypress — User Creation Problems?



@JustinCA: here’s the solution. I have had the same issue for a long time until I came accross this small plugin. However, I hope you are descent enough to understand that nobody here ” owes you help”. The same goes for anyone who thinks along those lines. If I had been here 3 months ago, possibly it would have helped, but I was possibly roaming the web elsewhere because we DO NOT live here, NOR do we work here!

@ketan khope: If you left buddypress already, coming to vent about it to buddypress users is pretty cheap man. Grow up and learn to appreciate others’ efforts. How many CMS or plugins have you put together? I bet 100% certainly that it can’t be much. Even if it is, it can’t be the size of buddypress/wordpress because you wouldn’t be on this forum thread. Would you?

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