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Re: WordPress MU 2.7.1 + BuddyPress New user registration (2 posts)

Jeff Sayre


Whenever a new user registers he get an email saying click this to activate.

And when I click it it takes me to a wierd place to crop avatars

Okay, I’m a little confused by what you are reporting:

  1. So, are you just testing a new BuddyPress installation? Why else would you be clicking on a new user’s registration.
  2. If that is the case, have you tried using two different browsers–one for each user?
  3. Have you cleared old session cookies before registering a new user?
  4. Which version of BuddyPress are you running?
  5. There should only be one confirmation email sent. It is the one with the activation link. Are you using different emails for each account? Be default, WPMU makes sure that there are no duplciate accounts.
  6. Are you using a custom themes, or the default themes?
  7. Do you have any other plugins, besides BuddyPress, installed and activated? If so, have you tried deactivating them to check if they might be causing a conflict?

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