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Re: WordPress themes vs buddypress themes

Thanks Andy for the link. I do find it a bit confusing how the current themes are working.

If I understand it correctly, all the “My Account” pages are defined in the user theme, while they should be, in mine opinion at least, be in the home theme. The reason why I think this, is because it are all pages which aren’t linked to the users blog. Most people probably want to give these pages the same look and feel as the home page.

For the user themes, I would expect to only find things which are related to the users blog.

Personally I would like to give my members a selection of themes where they can choose from for their blog, so they can individualize it a bit. As far as I have been able to figure out, that isn’t possible yet.

When you would have the possibility for members to select a theme for their blog, it would only make more sense to have all those pages like the “My Account” pages in the home theme.

But that’s just my 2 cents. I would love to read your opinion about it.

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