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Re: Would this plugin be possible? Adding another tab to a BP group to allow us to display ANYTHING in i



Cheers Boone, I need to read up on this and experiment.

Basically one of the tabs I am needing to create needs to have a separate piece of html code in it which will be DIFFERENT for each group.
How can I achieve this? Effectively it’s a different widget for each group and I have 2000 groups. The widget calls for the latest price of a stock on the stock market and is unique to each group. That’s why I’d love to be given a text box on the page in that tab that I, as Admin could paste code into, so it can be different in each group.

Thanks so much for the help so far. If I find it a bit too diffficult to do this by the way, is there anywhere I can pay a developer to do this and do you know how big a job it would be, costs etc?

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