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Re: Would this plugin be possible? Adding another tab to a BP group to allow us to display ANYTHING in i

Shaun MacRae


I was looking for the exact same thing as @rossagrant when I found this thread (a basic empty custom tab that admins can add content to). I’ve tried using the Group Extension API per the documentation, but the code seems to be unaware of the API when it gets processed. I get an error saying it doesn’t know what BP_Group_Extension is. If I remove the extends from my class, it falls over at the bp_register_group_extension call.

I have put the sample code word-for-word in my bp_custom.php file (per @boonebgorges).

I am a developer, but am new to wordpress/buddypress dev. I’m using latest versions of WP/Buddpress.

Thanks for any pointers.

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