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Re: wp and bp profile syncing–works only sporadically

Mike Pratt


As much as I agree that you want to keep it simple, the last thing I want to do is a. auto-generate usernames (you have to tell them and they have to remember – let them decide) or b. parse a field into various name fields (parsing is just begging for errors – too may what-ifs)

FYI – Facebook has you do the same 4 fields you mention you are doing. Fine. But look deeper: they then auto-generate a username. why? who knows since you always login with an email address. Additionally they auto-gen a drop down list of “display names”

So what’s the diff between me and FB? I let you pick your display name up front in addition to your username. Ideal no but better than the alternative…for me.

Bottom line is: let’s keep this discussion to how to do our own work arounds. The core way of doing does not appear to be changing. Fine (we can always leave the BP-sphere) Instead, let’s make it work.

I hearby declare it off limits to refer to Andy’s decision not to include firsname/lastname ever again. :-) We get it.

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